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The way we design

While no two projects are ever the same, whatever their context, to answer the specifics of a brief, our design teams begin with one core tenet – people.

Our design process begins by understanding the ever-changing, diverse needs of those who will use the spaces.

Once we have an in-depth understanding of the local community, we can begin to imagine and design.

Site and program

Research and discovery, immersing ourselves in the needs, wants, potential and limitations.

Cultural heritage

What a site means to people, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

The big idea

A central concept that draws on site-specific influences such as the environment, orientation, context, culture, history, future and how they affect the purpose of a development.

Inspiration and efficiency

How we can best bring an idea to life, making the most of the site to create beauty and connection between people and place.

Armidale Secondary College

A place for learning that unites generations

Cairnsfoot School for Additional Needs

Consideration of all needs, big and small

Sutherland Entertainment Centre

Blurring boundaries between realms

Bay Pavilions

Amplifying performance, on stage and underwater

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