Creating Awareness Towards Early Childhood Learning

4 Jun 2024

Early learning is fundamental in helping shape a child’s life trajectory. Yet, many families struggle to get their children this vital education. Accessibility, affordability, and staff shortages are the main culprits plaguing the Early Learning Education System, leading to the children missing out. If solutions are to be created, increased awareness is needed, which NBRS is proud to be a part of.

Through the NBRS ENVISION 2023 program, NBRS alongside two students, went out to research the current Early Childhood Centre model. An interlink was discovered between the three major issues and the way a centre was designed. To address this, an opportunity was identified to challenge the status quo by coming up with a new design model. Allowing for greater integration, affordability, accessibility, contribution to communal social values and well-being.

As Governments start introducing spending initiatives to come up with solutions, now more than ever, greater awareness is needed. Perhaps inspirational material such as the 2023 Care for early children, may inspire the right answers.