By Maria Orellana Romero   3 Sep 2021

Empowering Women in Construction: NAWIC NSW Panel Discussion

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    On the evening of May 20th, some of our fabulous NBRS ladies attended the NAWIC NSW Panel Discussion 'Power to Overcome'. It was great to hear Meg Redwin, Executive Director and General Counsel of Multiplex speak about the transformation of the Australian Constructors Association's leadership transformation through the nomination of female co-directors to Board. Going from being 100% male to a 60/40 split seems modest, but ultimately has the capacity to positively affect the direction of the Board.

    NBRS is proud to be a member of NAWIC, an organisation empowering woman in the construction industry. We value the opportunity to attend industry events, to exchange ideas, and information, strengthening our contribution in such a diverse space.

    Maria Orellana Romero

    Associate, Education

    “Creating spaces that encourage and facilitate learning are inspirational to future generations”