New Life Church Oran Park
New Life Church Oran Park
New Life Church Oran Park
New Life Church Oran Park
New Life Church Oran Park
Oran Park, NSW
Anglican Church Sydney
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New Life Anglican Church

A colourful and uplifting beacon of hope


Sydney's rapid population growth demands housing but also the need for supporting community fabric. The New Life Church is woven into the heart of the townscape prominently positioned within a suburban street context, close to houses, schools and retail, right amongst the people. In an environment that encourages car use, New Life is a church to which you can walk or cycle.

Central to the design idea was the unification of the community under a navigation point marker. Rising on a crest, the floating multi-coloured glass tower is situated on a north-south axis along the main arrival avenue. Symbolically it brings together the mix of people of the new community and through form and materiality there is a dialogue of an ancient story with new meaning: the strength and permanency of deep reveal concrete blades, the transparency of space promoting connection, and the patina of the corten screen gently maturing.

The light-filled openness of the worship space and foyer reflects the social interaction of the church. The internal spaces seamlessly touch the outside through stacked glazed doors opening to the sun-drenched forecourt clearly showcasing church activities and creating a transparent connectedness with the suburb. The open transparent ideas support the key sustainability initiatives of harnessing natural light and ventilation. The result is an inviting space with a strength of connectedness throughout its context.

The design reflects a new evolution in church design where transparency and openness create a socially connected environment clearly communicating invitation and activation. It sets a new transparent tone for ecclesiastical worship centres. The design re-establishes the idea of a community focused church and evokes a sense of civic pride and ownership.

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Andrew Tripet
Andrew Tripet
Principal – Architecture | Sector Lead – Community