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Spring Farm Community Centre

Forging a new sense of place

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Community centres possess great potential in which to encourage and support the growth of unifying community identity. For a newly redeveloped suburb in Sydney’s South-West, Spring Farm, this is especially so.

Growing exponentially in recent times, the population of Spring Farm has quadrupled between 2011 and 2016. With an influx of families moving into the Macarthur region, a new centre was constructed to provide additional hall and meeting rooms, catering to a diverse range of community groups and uses. Particular attention was paid to the siting, oriented such that the centre would facilitate an open dialogue with the park, adjoining supermarket and residential development.

In an emerging community where there was almost no immediate built context, our design drew upon historic attributes of the site for themes that would resonate with the community.

Spring Farm Community Centre is designed to actively intrigue passing pedestrians into engaging with the space. The large façade that flanks the community centre is punctured by a large, screened window to allow glimpses of movement and activity happening within the Hall space. Additionally, the roof form is articulated to provide maximum visual impact on Richardson Road and Brookner Road to increase its street presence.

Seamlessly integrating with the adjacent public park, the new centre blurs the lines of public and outdoor space and encourages the community’s uninterrupted access to both.

Architecture, Landscape ArchitectureDiscipline
Spring Farm, NSWLocation
Camden CouncilClient
Jones Nicholson, Camden Council, HPACCollaborators
Architecture, Landscape Architecture
Spring Farm, NSW
Camden Council
Jones Nicholson, Camden Council, HPAC
Andrew Tripet
Principal, Sector Lead - Community
Andrew Leuchars
Director, Principal - Landscape Architecture
Andrew Tripet
Principal, Sector Lead - Community
Andrew Leuchars
Director, Principal - Landscape Architecture

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Andrew Tripet

“Architecture is the manipulation of space, material, form, colour & light, to house all matter of human enterprise. Truly great architecture has the capacity to inspire, uplift and transcend human experience.”