UNSW C22 Chancellery
UNSW C22 Chancellery
UNSW C22 Chancellery
Kensington, NSW
University of New South Wales
UNSW C22 Chancellery

Contemporary and collaborative spaces

Interior Design

“As workplaces continue to change around us, we are finding new ways to shape spaces to accommodate for those in the office and those online.”

With a variety of spaces to suit different group sizes and modes, the new space at UNSW provides a flexible and responsive environment for a professional, high-performance team at UNSW.

The brief from UNSW for the refurbishment of L3 of the Chancellery Building was to create a state-of-the-art hybrid facility complete with a 30 people Conference Room, a series of smaller meeting spaces, as well as the Welcome Lounge and a catering facility. Alongside the rest of the working world, the university is responding to the need to prioritise flexibility and the hybrid mode of working. The new facility allows UNSW staff to work more productively and collaborate with internal and external colleagues.

The interior spaces created are centred around a welcoming aesthetic, the selection of light timber and soft textures which combine in warm earthy tones to create a refined palette. NBRS worked with UNSW to curate a selection of artwork from the UNSW collection to complement the design.

We look forward to seeing the diverse ways of working that come from this contemporary, collaborative space.