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2030 The Cycle of Wellness: A Transformational Health Environment

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The future of Australian healthcare lies in engaging the community in and empowering them through a Lifecycle of Wellness - in order to encourage a healthy lifestyle, based on increased health awareness and preventative multi-disciplinary care. A paradigm shift that takes the view of health as a holistic, lifelong investment, and not as simply episodic medical intervention is required in response to the challenges facing the current Healthcare system.

The Wellness lifecycle embodies a three levelled approach, based on the efficiency of bodily regenerative processes. It engages the community in a transformational health environment, increasing awareness, creating a routine of wellness and providing an effective, comforting system to respond to medical need. From the broader Wellness Neighbourhood, through to the Community Hub which blends seamlessly with the Regenerative Core, health is delivered on a community wide platform.

Life long health activism is the future for Australian Healthcare. A shift in focus to preventing the burden of illness on society rather than simply facilitating responsive episodic care must occur. This relies on a community wide wellness approach, comprising of three scales of healthcare environments.

Ben Selke

Envision Student