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2050 Beyond the Third Workplace

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The city is growing, technology is moving forward, and people are constantly changing. The way we work is shifting and slowly, the places we work are adapting to match this. As we gain knowledge on the methodology behind working habits and what influences productivity we can see how the future of work can be improved dramatically. Changes in our working environment can have a profound impact on the level of efficiency and output of workers, along with their health and wellbeing.

This investigation seeks to discover how the way we work can fit with our changing urban landscape and responds by proposing new environments for work. A close examination of current trends, patterns and predictions has influenced our understanding of the possibilities of the future city and led us to our final conclusions and proposals. This paper presents a glimpse into the possibilities of the future based on current trends. As each year brings forth a new way of thinking and culture, the changes made between now and 2050 can radically improve the process of work as we know it today.

William Hasko

Envision Student