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The Academic Exchange

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“Knowledge is the unique claim of higher education. It is at the core of every public and private good that we create.”

Simon Marginson, Professor of Higher Education, University of Melbourne

The higher education community consists of an array of stakeholders with complex, and sometimes conflicting requirements. Trends in commercial workplace design have long been moving towards more open plan, non-territorial spaces, which encourages a more collaborative working environment. In comparison, the academic sphere embodies an environment of privacy and security, prioritising ‘the individual’ contrary to contemporary design models.

This project seeks to establish a unique approach to the design of academic workspaces. A comparative approach is often adopted at present, derived and adapted from the commercial workplace. The academic and commercial environments are significantly distinct from each other, as are the higher education and school environments.

An adaptation of an existing framework is insufficient in responding to the complex needs and desires of academia. A unique framework, constructed from the outset to specifically address Academic workspaces, will be more effective in introducing transformative spaces to higher education institutions.

The project will consider the academic workplace in relation to the broader university campus, however the spatial response will be primarily directed at the academic workplace.

The project focuses on the standard academic workplace, and does not take into consideration additional practical requirements such as labs or studios. The outcomes will cater for common tasks shared by academics across different faculties.