By Macella Salzmann   3 Sep 2021

An Open Day for the Generations: Armidale Secondary College Opens to the Public for the First Time

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On Saturday May 8th, Armidale Secondary College was, for the first time, opened to the public. Unable to attend the official school opening in January due to Covid-19 restrictions, the public were now invited to take tours around the new campus which were led by current students and teachers.

There were 3 generations of attendees at the open day, ranging from current students (The grandchildren) up to the original students at Armidale High School, back in the 1930s (The Grandparents). It was fantastic to see the older generation excited by the conservation of their original schoolhouse, forming the centre of the campus, learning about transformed spaces that housed their old school rooms, and reminiscing on the spaces they learned in.

The positive sentiments were echoed throughout the other guests around the campus, remarking on fantastic modern learning spaces that have increased the quality of education in the Armidale region, giving their children and grandchildren deeper opportunity from within the classroom.

It has been a pleasure designing learning and gathering spaces that bring together the old and new, creating shared experiences for current students and the wider Armidale community to enjoy for generations to come.

Macella Salzmann

Principal, Sector Lead - Education

“Architecture is a form of communication unlike any other.”