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NBRS launches the 'Design Scale Series'

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At NBRS, we believe that our connection to nature is essential to wellbeing. We practice this through all of our projects. NBRS have created the 'Design Scale Series' to demonstrate our ideas on sustainability, including Biophilic Design.

Biophilia is the relationship between people and nature. Simultaneously, Biomimicry is an approach to innovation that seeks solutions to human challenges by emulating natural patterns.

Why do we strive for Biophilic design?

We often have inner urges to be connected to nature. We go back to nature to feel refreshed and understand the premium pricing of rooms with views. The Japanese call it; "Shinrin-yoku" or "Forest-bathing/basking", as a therapy to reduce stress hormones and boost immune systems. Our connection with nature begins at birth, and if we look at the world through the eyes of children, we can see their attractions to rhythms, textures, living things and new senses.

Humans are spending about 80-90% of their time inside the built environment, even before we experienced Covid restrictions. A connection with nature is essential to our wellbeing and productivity, and countless studies have shown that integrating natural light and biophilia into interior spaces can enhance mental and biological health.

How do architects support this?

There is more to Biophilia than adding plants into your design. We could go further to create a sense of curiosity while strengthening living being connections. We could implicate natural settings to stimulate our senses from calmness to perhaps mystery. If we look at children whose brain cells are rapidly developing and are constantly drawn to learning experiences, one of their top creations is likely to be fortress /cubby houses from household objects. They create a sense of refuge, mystery, diffuse light and peril (from whomever they are hiding from). We could also utilize circadian rhythm, where cool bright light makes you feel energetic and warm sunset tone makes you calm and relaxed.

Architecture could draw you in from interactions of spaces; from shape and void to light and shadow. We could create forms that dance with natural light. There are endless possibilities so as our diverse natural settings, we could be imaginative and rethink biophilia.

For more on how NBRS has integrated biophilic design elements through our projects, check out the document below.