By Macella Salzmann   3 Sep 2021

Innovative Spaces for Agricultural Students to Thrive

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A space for students from metropolitan, regional, and international areas, the new space in Richmond, NSW will provide contemporary, future-focused STEM and Agricultural learning facilities for agricultural high school students and TAFE teachers from across NSW.

Giving students the ability to connect with industry leaders, engage in immersion programs, undertake hands on learning, and gain access to transition pathways into agriculture and STEM fields is a great advantage for so many students across the state.

The design of CoE is centred around community, agriculture, and place. A place where students can gather and interact with the environment. The orientation of buildings and interaction with the landscape encourages spontaneous, voluntary, and joyful learning opportunities for students to explore and interact within a safe indoor and outdoor learning areas.

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Macella Salzmann

Principal, Sector Lead - Education

“Architecture is a form of communication unlike any other.”