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Minto, NSW
NSW Department of Education
ADCO Constructions
Turner and Townsend
Passfield Park School

Safe, comfortable learning spaces for endless opportunity.

Landscape Architecture

Passfield Park school reflects an environment that provides a variety of opportunities to learn. It acknowledges a cohort of students with varying degrees of need and provides a secure and comfortable space in which to belong and succeed.

The design intent focuses on architecture which creates positive behavioural environments that supports lifelong learning and values the students, staff and community.

Passfield Park is a stand-alone K-12 School for Special Purpose, catering for students with moderate or severe intellectual disabilities. Catering to these needs, the school has been purpose designed to ensure a positive impact to the lives of the students and staff whilst providing opportunities for the support networks of family and friends to gather and meet.

Thoughtful opportunities for gathering are achieved by the central courtyard, a space with easy access points to key school facilities, ensuring a smooth transition from indoor to outdoor spaces through the use of verandas, providing a moment to pause before making the move into a new space.

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Macella Salzmann
Macella Salzmann
Practice Lead & Sector Lead – Education
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