The Happy Place: Bringing Balance and Productivity Back into the Workplace

Interior Design
31 Aug 2022
“The hybrid workplace has opened a doorway to flexibility…which is going to be hard to close”
- The Happy Place Interviewee

The modern workplace is constantly changing.

Privileged workers have increased freedom of flexibility in their workplace; they can exercise agency regarding when, where and how to work.

However, conversations regarding the effectiveness of working in a post-pandemic society are blurring the purpose of the workplace. Is the office a sanctuary from everyday distractions, or is it a social hub to foster fresh interactions?

As the hybrid structure becomes more intrinsic to the workplace, it questions the purpose of office spaces. How can design create an experience that is memorable? What role do people and management have in others’ well-being? How can design, nature, and technology create seamless connections?

By creating a framework consisting of Synergy, Nurture and Connect principles, the 2022 ENVISION program investigates how the architecture and design of the workplace can provide balance and productivity into our lives, creating The Happy Place.

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