By Samantha Polkinghorne   3 Sep 2021

Discovering Our Communities Past Through Unique Details

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It’s not every day you get to meet a couple of characters like these. At 8 metres above the footpath on Sydney Road, Manly, many regular commuters would have no idea that their passing has been watched every day.

Grotesques were traditionally used on buildings to ward off evil spirits and protect those inside. The effects of the wind, salt and pollutants has taken its toll on the delicate carving of the hound and ram grotesques and we have recommended action be taken before the detail is lost to time.

On your walks from the home office, don’t forget to look up and appreciate the detail of buildings around you. Maybe you will make some new friends like these!

The NBRS Heritage team is providing Heritage Advice for the Dalley's Castle stone wall remnants. A team whose purpose is to tell the stories of old Sydney through their passion and expertise in Heritage, and their passion for preserving the past for the future.

Samantha Polkinghorne

Director, Principal - Heritage

“Reinvigorating old buildings through their successful adaptation offers opportunities to create more subtly layered environments.”