By Anthea Doyle   3 Sep 2021

International Corrections and Prisons Association Conference 2021

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In May 2021, Melbourne Head of Studio and Secure Spaces Sector Lead, Anthea Doyle was presented the opportunity to speak at the 2021 International Corrections and Prisons Association Conference, speaking to the topic of 'Prisons of the Future'.

From a design perspective, Anthea touched on how planning, masterplans, design and construction will all be transformed by future focused solutions. Prisons will become more welcoming, natural and agile environments, with the ultimate goal being reduced reoffending. This can be achieved through reducing barriers, creating spaces to be more like life outside prison and creating more moments for connection.

NBRS Architecture strives to create life changing environments, and we are pleased to have opportunities to share our visions and approaches to design with the wider community.

Anthea Doyle

Head of Studio - Melbourne, Sector Lead - Secure Spaces

“Architecture in the Justice sector can drive better outcomes for society. Lower crime rates for police, reduced incarceration for courts, reduced reoffending & improved conditions in corrections, and hopefully a more socially conscious society”