By Anthea Doyle   4 Sep 2021

Rethinking Correctional Facilities in the Context of Tomorrow

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NBRS has been awarded Runner Up in an international design competition for a Cyber Criminal Facility in The Hague, Netherlands.

The Switching Prisons Brief called for a new age architecture to address crimes of tomorrow. As a practice we are focused on improving the built environment to affect social connectivity. Our challenge for this competition was to create a platform whereby those caught in criminal activity within the cyber world could discover the humane benefit of community centred living and skill building. Our scheme is titled Communiversity; embodying the creation of a village campus and supporting programs which assist wellbeing for a shared good.

Communiversity is a place to learn and give back to the greater urban community through a woven interdependency and a controlled permeable soft edge leading to adjusted individual wellbeing.

It is a rehabilitative model where participants (inmates) discover how to positively contribute to the wellbeing of society through project-based team study. There will be co-dependency and cohabitation fostering a platform of community.

The participants positively benefit within a safe and rigorous structure through a common goal of positive influence across different scales of personal relationships and society.

The campus is a village typology supporting the idea of shared living, team-based learning, and co-dependency.

Our goal is to create a model environment where, through shared experiences and shared project learning, those caught in the cyber-criminal world will graduate with wellbeing and drive to participate proactively in the wider community.

Anthea Doyle

Head of Studio - Melbourne, Sector Lead - Secure Spaces

“Architecture in the Justice sector can drive better outcomes for society. Lower crime rates for police, reduced incarceration for courts, reduced reoffending & improved conditions in corrections, and hopefully a more socially conscious society”