By Samantha Polkinghorne   4 Sep 2021

Weaving History through Contemporary Learning Spaces

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Earlier this year, we were excited to see the opening of the new Armidale Secondary College, an amalgamation of Duval High School and Armidale High School. The development of this leading new regional school included the conservation and upgrading of the original 1923 Armidale High School building. This historic structure has retained its significance as the first purpose built high school in Armidale and is today the focus of the new campus; accommodating performing and visual arts learning opportunities. The school will continue to be a central part of the life of the Armidale community, with the buildings on the site linking past and future generations of students.

The cultural heritage of Armidale has been woven into the educational narrative across the campus using the colours and textures of the region, represented in each learning neighbourhood through a themed identity expressed in the interior design and exterior entry screens.

NBRS are honoured to have contributed a design that provides outstanding contemporary learning environments through the integration of new and historic buildings.

Samantha Polkinghorne

Director, Principal - Heritage

“Reinvigorating old buildings through their successful adaptation offers opportunities to create more subtly layered environments.”