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Parramatta Children's Court

A place for justice, designed for children

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A space purpose-fit for children, Parramatta Children's Court has been designed to provide a space for justice and for understanding children's needs.

In association with the Government Architect’s office, NBRS undertook the design development and documentation of the court house. Located directly opposite Parramatta Park, the Parramatta Children Court provides six courtrooms which were specifically designed for children. Other facilities include a coffee shop, child minding areas, parent’s rooms, juvenile justice offices and Aboriginal legal aid services.

The accommodation is arranged around a three storey Lobby with glass lifts and a full height glazed wall facing the main entrance. An important archaeological zone runs through the centre of site, and the structure of the building was designed to span this zone in order to minimise disturbance of it.

Providing support in a conducive environment for our future generation is the best way we can ensure a fair level of justice and positive outcomes for those children and families for years to come.

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Rodney Drayton
Director - Operations
Rodney Drayton
Director - Operations

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Anthea Doyle

“Architecture in the Justice sector can drive better outcomes for society. Lower crime rates for police, reduced incarceration for courts, reduced reoffending & improved conditions in corrections, and hopefully a more socially conscious society”