CARE: Community Alliance for Regional Education - Early Childhood

15 Nov 2023
If it takes a village to raise a child what does an Early Childhood Centre look like in 2023?

The importance of Early Childhood Education has been well documented however there are a number of current challenges arising from various sources that are hampering its effectiveness.

In 2022, the Dan Andrews Labor government of Victoria announced a $9 billion package over 4 years to recast the pre-prep education in Victoria with free 30 hours childcare services. This initiative will see the creation of numerous Kindergartens across the state of Victoria and the country, as other state governments follow with
similiar programs.

This government initiative looks to address affordability concerns, however, as this research presents, there are a number of other issues that need consideration.

This Envision program questions the current approach to Early Childhood Centres and offers a model, based in a regional Victorian community, which looks to address concerns such as staff shortages, accessibilty, community engagement and the profile of Early Childhood Educators.

Read more about this research paper here.