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Building Blocks: An Early Learning Continuum

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Children as capable citizens of the community with agency to affect the world around them

The years of early childhood are few in number, however the impressions left pave the way for all future learning outcomes. With the evolution of early education practices, children have the opportunity to unlock their potential and be set on the path for life-long learning and discovery.

With the ages 0 to 6 representing a period of rapid cognitive development, the exposure of young children to various stimuli in a controlled environment can cultivate a wide disposition towards a variety of learning typologies. The modern early learning centre plays a pivotal role in the shaping of these interactions, equipping them as capable citizens of the community and endowing them with the readiness to investigate and explore the world around them. A flexible, permeable architecture can allow children to learn through play both indoors and outdoors, developing cognitive skills and encouraging a non-traditional approach towards education that extends beyond early learning centres.

The building blocks of early childhood lay the groundwork for the rest of their schooling years, permeating their every day lives and helping them commit to life-long learning and discovery.