2025 The Learning Continuum Adaptive

3 Aug 2023
"A significant part of the problem with contemporary education is that it aims to teach 21st century learners by combining a 20th century curriculum with a 19th century structure"
Prensky, M "Engage Me or Enrage Me: What Today's Learners Demand"

In a school curriculum, students are presented with an offering of subject areas and activities to study, however each individual selects only a combination of these, tailoring the school learning experience to their interests and possible needs. In future schools, the built environment should foster and extend this notion of offering by providing spaces that can be used and grant students understanding in several ways. Instead of prescribing uses, spaces suggest experiential learning possibilities through subtle cues and the presentation of spatial opportunities as opposed to spatial demands.

An awareness into worldly interaction can be gained. Immersive learning environments should go beyond just considering the needs of the people inhabiting it, but become encouraging grounds that can inspire students with a willingness to learn.

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