By Ian Gibson   3 Sep 2021

Envision 2021: A Forum to Discuss Mental Health Services

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NBRS has held the final forum for the ENVISION program research project, led by students Michelle Lee and Daniel Calvetti. Michelle and Daniel have spent the last 12 weeks researching adolescent and youth mental health services, understanding trauma informed care and how we can close the gap in relation to the transition from children to adult mental health services.

NBRS were joined by external members of the health and architecture community, to engage in forum discussion, around their thoughts on Michelle and Daniels key question, 'How can an understanding of trauma inform a new youth mental health care model?'. The ENVISION students presented their response to their research, proposing a new facility for adolescent mental health service.

It was fantastic to see the students engaging with members of the industry and gaining valuable feedback they can integrate into their final weeks of research.

We look forward to exhibiting these results when Michelle and Daniel formally launch their research publication to the public later this year.

Ian Gibson

Principal, Sector Lead - Wellness

“Architecture should help improve the psychological and physical health of the people that use it.”